Frequently Asked Questions/


Absolutely all the companies for sale are constituted by Ragol Investment professionals with extensive experience in the world of business consultancy. No company will ever be constituted by third parties whose approach to confidentiality, solvency and professionalism might be difficult to control.
Ragol Investments includes in the purchase-sale deeds presented to the Notary a certificate of inactivity, and evidence of being up-to-date with tax obligations as well as not having any outstanding debts. In addition, it provides a balance sheet with the relevant acquisition date for the purchaser to be able to make a detailed check of the company’s status. In all events, Ragol Investments accepts full responsibility for any debt which might arise connected with anything arising prior to the purchase of the company.
Ragol Investments has as its sole activity the constitution of companies for sale once they have been placed on the Business Register, as well as the processing of any changes which arise from this purchase and sale.
Ragol has consulted with monetary and tax authorities about its activity, demonstrating that it is perfectly legitimate and does not require the adoption of special preventative measures.
Ragol is a company which has one sole activity, to constitute companies for sale once they are registered, including any changes that arise from their acquisition. It is, therefore, a specialized and professional service for the company incorporation in Spain which reduces the possibility of having to make amendments to the title deeds later, thereby saving time and money and offering a gain in security and confidence.
The data provided on the reservation form, as any other subsequent information that may be required, is received directly by the Ragol professional who will see to the processing of the title deeds. Our professionals are wholly committed to maintaining the confidentiality and professional secrecy of the information they are given.
Although the company sale and change of administrator, address, members, etc. can be signed for at any notary, it is advisable to do it at the one where Ragol’s signings take place. The main reason is to speed up the processing and waiting time, since this notary already holds all relevant Ragol data, has the necessary forms to actually carry out the purchase and sale and execute the appropriate changes, can guarantee the professionalism of its officials and can offer a significant sense of urgency when the time comes to deal with the processing of the deeds.
Nonetheless, Ragol can sign at other notaries in the province of Málaga. However, an appointment would have to be made and the costs incurred by fees and travel expenses of 100 € borne.
The purchaser of a Ragol company would be able to take it over from the time of signing the original constitution and C.I.F. deeds at the notary as well as a copy of the purchase-sale and change of administrator and current account contract opened at a solvency bank. With this documentation, the client can start up his activity while Ragol processes the deeds until their final entry on the Business Register.
Similarly, Ragol has prepared conferral of special power forms for when immediate action is necessary, prior to the changes effected being entered on the Business Register. Ragol can, therefore, confer preliminary power for the purchase of properties or companies, for labour contracting, for banking and other matters.
Ragol is responsible for the following:
  • Collection of the original purchase-sale deeds and any changes arising from them.
  • Processing at the relevant Tax Office.
  • Presentation of the deeds at the Business Register and collection after registration is completed.
  • resentation of Tax Office Form 036 with the changes of members, administrators and address. If necessary, collection of new C.I.F. card.
  • Dispatch of the original deeds to the client’s address.
  • Declaration of activity and financial obligations will be dealt with by Ragol only upon client request.

Ragol has predefined a wide range of corporate objectives which are checked with the notary and the Business Register to avoid subsequent amendments. These are:

  • Real Estate:The corporate objective is the purchase and sale of property, and brokerage services in the property market. Purchase, sale and operation of rural estates. Use of rental property, and repair, cleaning and maintenance services of buildings. Promotion and construction of buildings and residential estates.
  • Hotel Industry:
    a) The installation, acquisition, transfer, use and rental of all types of hotel industry business, bars, cafés, and restaurants of all categories, night clubs, discotheques and suchlike; as well as the purchase, sale, rental and transfer of the aforementioned businesses for operational purposes.
    b) The purchase, sale, marketing and wholesale-retail distribution of all types of alcoholic beverage and soft drinks.
  • Decoration:The purchase and sale, export and import, distribution, representation and installation of modern or antique furniture, objets d’art or decoration, including paintings, engravings, lamps, carpets and rugs of all types, soft furnishings and decorative items.
    The purchase and sale, export and import and general marketing of gifts, decorative and soft furnishings, and, in particular, of household furniture and any other objet d’art or decoration including paintings, sculptural pieces, engravings, lamps, carpets and all types of rugs.
  • Maintenance:The carrying out of all types of work and installations for home maintenance such as electrical and electronic systems, plumbing, brickwork and painting, as well as alterations and repairs.
  • Trade:
    1. Export, import, purchase, sale and distribution of articles of hardware, gardening, plumbing, locks, iron fittings, hardware, sanitary ware, bathroom fittings and similar, tools of all description, electrical or otherwise; as well as accessories and spare parts, electro-portable machinery, metallic instruments, articles for joining, assembling and sticking, personal protection items, electronic and plumbing material, water pumps and irrigation machinery.
    2. Export, import, purchase and sale, packaging, marketing, wholesale-retail distribution, dealership and sale of all types of food products, such as: fruit, vegetables, tropical fruits, sugars, oil; meat and fish products, milk, butter and, generally, any type of product derived from the above as well as all types of drinks, alcoholic or otherwise.
    3. Export, import, purchase and sale of paper and plastic articles, containers and any other item derived from cellulose that may be marketed.
    4. Retail trade of second hand items, gift items, objets d’art, garments and ordinary domestic objects.
    5. Export, import, purchase and sale of jewellery, watches, silver and costume jewellery.


Nonetheless, the corporate objective can be tailored to suit individual needs, albeit taking specific legislation and Business Register requirements into account.