Services / Sale of Companies

Ragol Inversiones | Grupo AFHA.

This service comprises setting up commercial companies so that the purchaser can have them at his disposal and start up his activity with immediate effect.

They are limited liability companies set up in conformity with existing legislation, listed on the Business Register, with no activity, up to date with tax obligations and registered with a notary as having no outstanding debts.

All the companies have:

Venta de sociedades constituidas
  • The minimum, fully subscribed and paid up legal capital (3.006,00 €).

  • Permanent C.I.F.

  • Own, fully-functioning bank account.

Ragol Investments grants its clients a comprehensive dossier with the following contents:

  • Original Constitution Deeds duly entered with the Business Register.

  • Permanent C.I.F.

  • Certificate of Inactivity, up to date with tax obligations and no outstanding debts.

  • Corporate Resolution Deeds presented publicly:
    - Change of administrator.
    - Modification or expansion of corporate purpose.
    - Change of registered address within the province.

  • Sale-Purchase Limited Society Share Deeds.

  • Company Notification at the Tax Office of the change of administrator and/or address (model 036) and identifying labels.

  • Complete financial and accounts documentation.

  • Current Bank Account Contract.

  • General Journal, Ledger, Balance and Account of Profit and Loss of the company from its constitution to its purchase.

  • Legalization of the Members and Entry Books.