Services / Financial and labour consultancy

Ragol Inversiones | Grupo AFHA.

Asesoría fiscal Marbella

This consists of services related to Ragol Inversiones and offered by the AFHA Group based on individualized budgets:

  • Financial Consultancy: This includes services related to drawing up and presentation of periodic, financial declarations, telephonic consultations and attendance at meetings, company financial planning, responding to Tax Office requirements, and remitting up-to-date information about the latest company legislation.

  • Accounts Consultancy: Consultancy on the drawing up of accounts, especially end of financial year operations, offering guidance to staff on the preparation and filing of documentation, presentation of obligatory accounts with the Business Register. Drawing up of Annual Accounts.

  • Labour Consultancy: Drawing up of salary and Social Security payments at our offices, consultancy on means of contracting, drawing up of work contracts together with their deferral and registration. Control of contract expiry. Processing of new and departing staff with the Social Security, dealing with accidents at work, preparing quarterly Income Tax deduction forms and the annual summary.

Note: in the event that the company acquired contracts consultancy services from any company within the AFHA Group, it will have a completely free welcome pack which will include the following:

  • Registration of activity with the Tax Office.

  • Request for  Intracommunity C.I.F.

  • Obtaining of Contribution Account Code with the Social Security.

  • Self-employed Administrators’ stamp with the Social Security.

  • Free Business Address for one month at the Melior Vasari Business Centre.